2CN02 Cassiterite, Fluorite and Muscovite
Weilasituo Ag-polymetallic deposit, Chifeng Pref., Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
7.1x 4.2x 2.3 cm

One of the main new finds I encountered on this trip were cassiterite specimens from the Weila Situo Silver deposit.  They varied in quality: some were densely packed, others interspersed on plates of muscovite, or light purple topaz.  The best, in my opinion, had well formed crystals with good spacing and aesthetic associations.  I purchased a large lot of this material, but this was one of my 2 favorites, for its association with muscovite, and a bluish-green fluorite crystal (the back half is cleaved).  Contact on the top, but displays perfectly from the front. 

Finding examples that didn't have a banged up display face was extremely hard—This was one of the best I saw, period.

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