ALD18 Cassiterite with Fluorite and Quartz
Weilasituo Ag-polymetallic deposit, Chifeng Pref., Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
12.7x 7.9x 2.6 cm

A beautiful cabinet sized example of cassiterite from this interesting find.  There were a few different habits, this one is notable for the distinctness of the crystals, and the relative lack of damage (it has a couple rubs, but nothing major).  Most pieces had substantial breaks on the display face, or the crystals were hopelessly jumbled together, almost into a solid back mass.  

This source is located in Inner Mongolia, near the more prolific Huanggang Mine.  China now has 4 primary casitterite specimen localities—1) the muscovite combinations from the the scheelite locality (Mt. Xuebaoding), 2) dark crystals from Jaingxi province, 3) the gem brown crystals from Yunnan and 4)  these new examples from Weilasituo in Inner Mongolia.

Sawn on the back/ bottom

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