TQV2 Fluorite
2nd Sovietskiy Mine, Dal'negorsk, Far-Eastern Region, Russia
10.3x 9.2x 5.4 cm

Among my top 2 favorite specimens from a find made in November of 2012, this is a sheet-like cluster of purple fluorite crystals, some displaying interesting zoning.

This piece also displays interesting crystal forms, the closest I can come to describing it would be elongated cubo-dodecahedrons, but not quite... (see close-up image)

I would consider this to be one of the most significant finds of the show, especially considering that Dal"Negorsk is among the world"s foremost specimen producing localities, and that new or unusual occurrences of fluorite typically merit extra attention.  

What makes these pieces unusual and significant (apart from the interesting forms) is their color.  Fluorite has been known from Dal"Negorsk for decades, though almost all of those have been either colorless or light green.  Purple fluorites have only been found a couple times in the area-- a prominent Austrian fluorite collector told me that a couple decades ago there had been one find, and I saw a single specimen on Mindat dating to the early 2000"s.  None had the color saturation of these pieces.

In short, these pieces are significant for the locality, certainly quite rare and I would imagine of some interest to collectors of either fluorite or Dal"Negorsk / Russian minerals.

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