EIV01 Fluorite, Calcite, Sphalerite
Elmwood Mine, Carthage, Smith Co., Tennessee, United States
13.8x 13.2x 10.1 cm

A great example of orange calcites on a sphalerite matrix, with minor fluorite. The main cluster and the smaller doubly terminated crystals immediately near it are perfect, only the one way off to the side has any tip issues. I could have trimmed it before posting, but decided to leave it as is.  

The prices of Elmwood material have fluctuated somewhat ridiculously over the last several years-- every time the mine opened or closed speculation seemed to clash with basic supply and demand in one direction or another.  Some years in Tucson I would hear dealers complaining that it was impossible to sell, other years it would be the "hot item"..... All I know is that most pieces tend to have cleaves in exactly the wrong locations. The big impressive "footballs" are more often than not cleaved, rendering them less impressive... I chose this one because the main cluster is perfect (though again, only the crystal way off to the side is not). 

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