2CN48 Fluorite
Xiefang Mine, Ruijin Co., Ganzhou Pref., Jiangxi Prov., China
7.7x 6.1x 3.7 cm

A beautiful example of fluorite on a quartz plate.  Unlike most of the Chinese fluorite on quartz examples you see, these have not been etched out from under a layer of quartz, so the fluorites retain their original luster, and do not require oiling.  Furthermore, the matrix is actually composed of quartz crystals, not the powdery white stuff that you typically see on etched pieces, like virtually anything from De’An. Why does it matter?  I think it gives more sparkle and makes the pieces more visually appealing. 

But I realize I started this description talking about the matrix…. The fluorite itself is a beautiful cubo-octahderon with stepped faces, the color is a vibrant purple, though interestingly enough you can see additional color concentrated in a couple phantoms within the crystal, as well as a greenish core than gives them an oddly beautiful multi-colored effect.

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