T1504 Fluorite
Yaogangxian Mine, Chenzhou, Hunan Prov., China
10.2x 9.5x 6.2 cm

A cabinet sized fluorite crystal, displaying good clarity, light phantoms, and an interesting stepped cubo-octahedral form. 
Although very small amounts of material have recently made it out of Yaogangxian, the output is a trickle compared to the early 2000's, when the mine produced enough material to become a staple of the wholesalers.

The back of the piece is a contact and there is some minor edge chipping here and there, but the piece displays exactly as shown.

As the prices of Chinese minerals keep climbing, I ended up doing a deal to purchase a very large amount of material-- this way I can offer pieces at pieces below what the Chinese dealers themselves were originally asking.  This piece was originally marked considerably higher by the dealer who was offering it.

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