XUY13A Fluorite
Yindu Mine, Chifeng Pref., Inner Mongolia A.R., China
4.0x 2.5x 1.9 cm

A beautiful blue fluorite from a recent pocket. This is very similar to the style that was found around 2018-19, though I find the color of this latest pocket to be somewhat more intense.  The larger ones tended to be somewhat jumbled and dark, and often had cleaves in unfortunate places. I purchased a number of them in order to get the relatively few that I am selecting for this update—namely those that are clean, and that don’t need excessive backlighting to appreciate. 

This one has a group of very glassy crystals on a nicely contrasting white matrix.  The color saturation and transparency really do make this one stand out. There is a bit of crud on the corner of the main crystal (a bit more visible in person) but no damage! Cleaves on the backs of some of the secondary ones, but I'd say that little bit of crud is the only detractor-- this this is so bright and saturate and glassy, it really stands out, even among the rest of these. 

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