DBR5 Fluorite on Calcite on Quartz
Mahodari Quarry, Nasik Area, Maharashtra Prov., India
20.2x 17.0x 7.3 cm

A yellow fluorite hemisphere on a quartz matrix,  The piece is entirely damage free.

The small black dot on the lowe right side of the speimen is a julgoldite crystal.

These odd fluorites are the result of very rapid cooling, and are known mainly from two Indian locations: the Mahodari Quarry in Nasik (Maharashtra Prov.) and a second location a few hundred km to the northeast in Madhya Pradesh.  Specimens from the second locality tend to be almost stalactitic in appearance, and are often found on dark amethyst.  Unfortunately, they are also often scratched up, as if someone were trying to remove an unsightly coating

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