ERN13 Orthoclase, Fluorite with Quartz
Erongo Mountain, Erongo Region, Namibia
11.7x 8.5x 9.0 cm

Although it might seem to some like the point of this specimen is the fluorite, it is in truth a quartz specimen. The fluorite is actually a group of flattened crystals coating part of the crystalized feldspar matrix in such a way as to make it seem like a single crystal-- it is only upon looking closer that you realize this is not the case. 

The true star here however, is the quartz.  Erongo quartz is usually not this lustrous, or (relatively) clear.  And what is more, the tip is pristine. One small chip on the fluorite area, though. 

I was going up the mountain as a group of miners were coming down.... an impromptu mineral show occurred on the trail, in the shade between two learning boulders.  This was one of the pieces-- of course I was still on my way up, so it (along with a number of others) got wrapped up and added to bags that were already heavy with water and other items, before continuing the steep trail up the mountain.... I should also point out that this specimen has since been trimmed! (no additional hauling fee)

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