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AZK01 Vanadinite
11.0x 5.0x 5.6 cm
TQV2 Fluorite
10.3x 9.2x 5.4 cm
AZK08 Hematite on Quartz
17.2x 10.4x 8.8 cm
TKR30 Quartz var. Amethyst
10.8x 9.5x 4.4 cm

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There are currently 3365 searchable specimens listed.


March 18, 2015- Post Tucson Update #2 A second update of minerals (mostly) from Tucson, this one containing a number of interesting new finds, including Chinese chalcophyllite and analcime, pseudomorphs of topaz after augelite from Peru, a very rare dingdaohengite, and a number of other interesting pieces.

March 18, 2015- Clearance Minerals! A selection of 120 specimens, nearly 70 under $60 and all but 10 under $100. (New items are on first 3 PAGES and have stock numbers beginning with CCP)

March 6, 2015- Post Tucson Update #1 This is the first of my Tucson updates. This piece is dedicated mainly to Chinese minerals, including a number of Mt. Xuebaoding pieces, though there are a few Pakistani and other items mixed in as well. I have not included any Inner Mongolian pieces in this update-- the bulk of the material comes from finds made in past years.

January 13, 2015- Midwest, Burma, and Mixed A page containing a mix of pieces from the American Midwest, including some old Tri-State material and quarry calcites, as well as a selection of minerals from Mogok. There are a few other random things thrown in as well.

December 28, 2014- MASAGASCAR! The website has been dormant for several weeks, but I've been busy searching for new specimens. I recently returned from Madagascar with a number of pieces, this update contains nearly 70 selections, ranging from new pockets of fine tourmalines and topazes, to a few somewhat ugly mineralogical oddities.

December 28, 2014- Clearance Minerals! A selection of specimens, most under 60 and all but a couple under $100. (New items have stock numbers beginning with CCN)

October 29, 2014- Mixed Minerals! A selection of rare and unusal minerals from around the world, featuring a new find of hutchinsonite (a rare thallium mineral) and others.

October 29, 2014- Clearance Minerals! Over 80 specimens, all but a couple priced under $100, and most priced under $60. New minerals are on the first 2 pages (stock numbers beginning with CCD)!

September 29, 2014- Denver Minerals! The first update featuring of mixed minerals from the Denver show.

September 29, 2014- Clearance Minerals! Over 70 specimens, all but a couple priced under $100, and most priced under $60. New minerals are on the first 2 pages!

September 16, 2014- NEW WEBSITE! After a long hiatus, Khyber Minerals is back online with a new website that retains the same old feel, but that is way more functional. All items are now searchable (by chemical class, color, species, size, etc) and in a database, meaning that pages are up to date. If you haven't already, feel free to play around with the new features- there are many interesting items that were once buried on the website though which are now discoverable! I've been continuously buying even while the updates languished, so expect new updates at greater frequency in the coming weeks!

September 16, 2014- Inner Mongolia! After a long hiatus due to ironing out glitches with the new website, here is a page of new and interesting specimens from Inner Mongolia!

September 16, 2014- Clearance Minerals! A selection of nearly 90 specimens, all but a few under $100, and most under $60. Please note, the new specimen are on the first 2 PAGES!

June 8, 2014- Mixed Specimens A selection of mixed specimens from around the world, including a number or rarities and oddities.

June 1, 2014- Mixed Specimens A selection of mixed specimens.

May 14, 2014- PERU! A selection of minerals from a recent trip to Peru, including new clinoatacamites, amethysts, and more!

February 27, 2014- French Autunite A collection of French Autunite specimens from the collection of Jean Chervet, assembled pre-1962.


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